Industry@Tallinn, the industry programme of Estonia’s Black Nights Film Festival, and Tokyo’s TIFFCOM CoPro Connection have announced a new partnership award.

The new award will encourage cooperation between the film industries of Japan, Estonia and Northern Europe.

One Japanese co-production team, selected this week at TIFFCOM, will travel to Industry@Tallinn (Nov 25-29).

Tallinn Black Nights has had a long-term collaboration with Unijapan.

Sten Saluveer, industry director of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, said: “The previous year has marked a rapid increase in the two way interest in collaboration between Estonian and Japanese filmmaking communities with several production and post-production initiatives in discussion.

“We hope that the new award will both open ways for Japanese filmmakers to easily access European funding and production possibilities, and Estonian film cluster members to the large volume Japanese market.”

Tallinn Black Nights has separately announced a programme devoted to Armenian cinema; it will include 17 features.