Quentin Tarantino is back and international rights holder Universal wants everybody to know with a wide launch for Inglourious Basterds that sees the war thriller homage infiltrate 22 territories.

The Basterds have already touched down through UPI in five markets, setting opening days records according to unconfirmed reports in France, French-speaking Switzerland and Belgium with $1.4m from 499 sites, $61,000 from 24, and $143,000 from 63, respectively.

The film opened in Australia on August 20on $490,000 from 201 and also launched in Russia. The weekend invasion includes Germany, the UK, Hong Kong, Austria, Sweden and German-speaking Switzerland.

The horror title Drag Me To Hell lands in Mexico on August 21 and has grossed $7.6m.

Reigning international champion G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra teeters on the brink of its first significant milestone on $99.9m and should soar past $100m this weekend. The action release opens in India through PPI on August 20.

Latest data reveals that the comedy I Love You, Man has grossed $19.4m and will open in Italy on August 21, while Dance Flick arrives in three territories, among them Australia on August 20 and the UK a day later. The Eddie Murphy comedy Imagine That opens in Mexico on August 21.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince has reached $586.8m so far and should conjur up a solid weekend to cross $600m. Comedy smash The Hangover has reached $140.9m and brings the mayhem to Brazil on August 21.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs stands at $601.3m and opens in its final market of Italy on August 28. The thriller Taken registered $74.4m through all distributors and returns after a hiatus with the Japanese launch on August 22, while high school comedy I Love You, Beth Cooperopens in the UK and Malaysia this weekend.

Sony Pictures Releasing International executives reported that District 9 has taken an early $7.7m through all distributors, which means Sony and the territories sold through QED International.

Sony holds rights in the UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Korea, China, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, and at least 20 additional territories.

Comedy The Ugly Truth stands at $13m, while thriller remake The Taking Of Pelham 123 is on $32.7m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s G-Force on $43.6m arrives in Russia and Hong Kong on August 20 followed by Taiwan two days later.

Romantic comedy hit The Proposal has reached $104.3m and opens in Singapore on August 20, while Up on $133.1m touches down in the Philippines on August 19 followed by Malaysia a day later.