The Batman

Source: Warner Bros.

‘The Batman’

Worldwide box office March 4-6

RankFilm (distributor)3-day (World)Cume (World) 3-day (Int’l)Cume (Int’l)Territories
 1. The Batman (Warner Bros) $248.5m  $248.5m  $120m  $120m  75
 2. Uncharted (Sony) $28.4m  $271.5m  $17.4m  $171.3m  65
 3. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony) $8.4m  $1.8bn  $4m  $1bn  64
 4. Death On The Nile (Disney) $7.8m  $115m  $5.1m  $78m  42
 5. The Battle At Lake Changjin II (various) $7.4m  $609.3m   $7.4m  $609.3m  5
 6. Dog (various) $6.8m  $45.3m  $0.8m  $5.3m  20
 7. Too Cool To Kill (various) $5.9m  $393.4m  $5.9m  $393.2m  4
 8. Sing 2 (Universal) $5.7m  $360.2m  $4.2m  $206.6m  68
 9. Nice View (various) $3.9m  $203.2m  $3.9m  $203.2m  1
 10. I Fell In Love Like A Flower Bouquet (various) $2.6m  $45.5m  $2.6m  $45.5m  1

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‘The Batman’ makes strong start in domestic and international markets

UPDATED: Warner Bros’ The Batman has opened strongly in North America and international territories, with a domestic confirmed opening of $134m and an estimated $124.2m for 74 foreign markets. The numbers combine for a $258.2m global debut.

In North America The Batman’s number is the second-biggest of the pandemic era, behind only Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $260.1m. The Batman is only the second film since December 2019 to open above $100m in the domestic market.

Comparisons for international are harder to frame, since opening release patterns have notably varied from title to title in the pandemic era – but The Batman’s debut is certainly behind No Way Home’s $340.8m international launch. The Batman missed out on box office from Russia, as Warner Bros and all the other major studios have now withdrawn from the territory.

The Batman totally dominated the global box office, dwarfing the tally of second-placed film Uncharted, which grossed an estimated $28.4m, which in turn was far ahead of third-placed Spider-Man: No Way Home on $8.4m. Overall, The Batman accounted for 76% of the box office earned by the top 10 titles at the weekend, and was the top title in 74 of its 75 markets.

Among international territories, UK/Ireland led the way with a confirmed $18.1m for The Batman, which is 9% ahead of Joker’s opening and 22% ahead of The Dark Knight. Mexico comes second with $12.1m – the second biggest opening of the pandemic, and representing 89% of the box office generated by the top five titles.

In third place, Australia brought in $9.3m – likewise the second-biggest opening of the pandemic era in that territory. Brazil came fourth with $8.8m – the second biggest of the pandemic era.

It’s notable that Mexico, Australia and Brazil all delivered ahead of France ($8.4m) and Germany ($5.5m) with the film. With Joker, France grossed a lifetime $43.9m and Germany $43.8m – on par with Mexico ($43.9m) and ahead of both Brazil ($29m) and Australia ($28m).

In France, The Batman achieved a 57% share of the top five titles, and in Germany a 56% share – which compares with the film’s 80% share in UK/Ireland and 71% in Australia.

Imax accounted for $15m of the North America total (12% share) and $7.4m in international markets (6% share).

In like-for-like international markets and using today’s exchange rates, The Batman has debuted only 8% behind The Dark Knight Rises, and 45% ahead of The Dark Knight.

The film is chasing the $1.01bn global tally achieved by The Dark Knight in 2008, The Dark Knight Rises’ total of $1.09bn in 2012, and Joker’s haul of $1.07bn in 2019.

Upcoming release territories for The Batman include Japan (March 11) and China (March 18).

‘Uncharted’ avoids box office collapse

With The Batman steaming into multiplexes virtually worldwide, Sony’s Uncharted understandably took a big box office tumble – but the drop is arguably less than expected.

In North America, Uncharted grossed an estimated $11.0m – down 52% from the previous weekend. And for international, the estimated tally was $17.4m – just 50% down.

Respective totals are $100.3m in North America, $171.3m for international, combining for $271.6m worldwide.

While the global brand value of the PlayStation treasure-seeking videogame cannot match DC’s caped crusader, there will still be some audiences opting for a breezy adventure clocking in at under two hours rather than a dark, brooding vigilante tale with a running time of 175 minutes. And while both films are rated PG-13 in the US, Uncharted benefits from lower certificates than The Batman in other markets such as UK – broadening the family appeal.

In cumulative box office, UK/Ireland continues to lead the field for Uncharted (with $27.5m), although it’s had one more week in cinemas there than is the case for France (in second place for cumulative with $14.9m). Russia is in third with $14.8m – and presumably that number is not going to increase now Sony has withdrawn from the territory. 

‘Death On The Nile’ hits $115m

Below The Batman and Uncharted in the global chart, it’s pretty lean pickings, with Sony’s Spider-Man No Way Home holding steady in third place (with an estimated $8.4m) despite this being the film’s 12th week of release.

One place below in fourth is Disney’s Death On The Nile, adding an estimated $5.1m in international markets and $2.7m in North America, thus delivering $7.8m worldwide. Global total is $115m.

China remains the top territory for the Hercule Poirot mystery with $10.2m so far, ahead of UK/Ireland with $9.7m, and Russia with $7.2m.

Death On The Nile has so far reached 33% of the $353m worldwide box office total achieved in 2017 by Kenneth Branagh’s earlier Poirot film, Murder On The Orient Express.

Meanwhile Branagh’s other film on release, Belfast, achieved a box office milestone in UK/Ireland, reaching £14.5m in local currency, and thus overtaking Schindler’s List (£14.4m) as the biggest black-and-white film of all time in the territory. Universal’s awards contender has now reached $8.7m in North America and $28.9m in international markets, which combine to $37.6m worldwide. More than half of that number comes from UK/Ireland: $19.4m.