The Devil's Bath

Source: Berlin International Film Festival

‘The Devil’s Bath’

Psychological thriller The Devil’s Bath has scored an average of 3.1 from critics on Screen’s Berlin jury grid, meaning it is now the joint leader alongside My Favourite Cake.

The latest from Austrian Goodnight Mommy duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala received two four stars (excellent) from Barbara Hollender (Poland’s Rzeczpospolita) and Paolo Bertolin while five critics gave it three (good). Rita Di Santo (UK’s Morning Star) was less in favour of the film, following a newly married woman in 1750 who commits a shocking act of violence, awarding it just one star (poor).

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Receiving a 1.9 average was Black Tea from Mauritania-­born filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako. The film, about a runaway bride from the Ivory Coast who starts a new life in China, was awarded mostly ones and twos with only Di Santo scoring it a three.

Nelson Carlos de los Santos Arias’ Pepe landed on the grid with a 2.0 average after receiving four ones. The Colombian-set drama, about a slain hippopotamus who returns as a ghost, divided critics with Bertolin from scoring it four (excellent) followed by two threes from Die Zeit’s Katja Nicodemus and Screen’s own critic.

Margherita Vicario’s debut Gloria! is the final new title on the grid, scoring 1.8 overall. This included a 0 (bad) from Nicodemus and two ones from Carlos Heli de Alemida (Brazil’s O Globo) and Anton Dolin (Meduza). The rest of the scores for the Italian music drama set in 18th-century Venice were a mix of twos and threes.

The final titles to land on the jury grid will be Meryam Joobeur’s Who Do I Belong To?; Gustav Möller’s Sons; and Min Bahadur Bham’s Shambhala.

For the first time this year, the Berlin jury grid is updating live on