If You Were The Last

The Exchange has boarded international sales rights to the romantic comedy If You Were The Last starring Anthony Mackie and Zoe Chao and will launch AFM sales this week.

Kristian Mercado (Nuevo Rico) directed from a screenplay by Angela Bourassa (A Little Distracted) about a male and female astronaut stranded in their broken-down spaceship who argue over whether they should spend their remaining days as friends or something more.

The film just debuted in the US on the Peacock streaming platform and is produced by Pinky Promise, Depth of Field and Storm City.

Besides Mackie (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Chao (Apple’s The Afterparty) the cast includes Natalie Morales (Language Lessons) and Missi Pyle (The Artist).

Nat McCormick, The Exchange’s worldwide sales and distribution president, announced the acquisition on Monday.

If You Were The Last joins an AFM line-up comprising: Harry Connick Jr. in The Islander; Brad Anderson’s Worldbreaker; Jennifer Esposito’s Fresh Kills; Orlando Bloom in The Cut; Octavia Spencer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lucy Liu in Nobody Nothing Nowhere; Zoe Saldana and Garrett Hedlund in The Absence Of Eden; and triple Deauville Award-winner LaRoy starring Steve Zahn and John Magaro.