Ventana Sur

Source: Courtesy of Ventana Sur

Ventana Sur

Ana García Blaya’s Argentine drama The Good Intentions (Las Buenas Intenciones) dominated the Primer Corte awards for Latin American films in post-production on the closing day of Ventana Sur (14).

The feature directorial debut about a daughter and her dysfunctional father played to buyers on Thursday and was awarded the CINE+ Award and the NMF and Color Print award. Film Factory acquired worldwide rights excluding Argentina on Thursday and is eyeing a Cannes sales launch.

Uruguayan social satire The Undefendable (Los Indefensos) by Matías Ganz won Le Film Francais Prize. The Good Intentions and Los Indefensos shared the Mayor Cine award.

In the Blood Window genre sidebar, Argentina’s work-in-progress entry Madre by Amin Yoma earned the Yagán Films Award for sound post-production and mixing, while Jimena Monteoliva’s To Kill The Dragon (Matar al Dragon), also from Argentina, took the Sofia Films Award for colour correction and VFX supervision.

Alejandro G. Alegre’s The Devil Told Me What To Do (El Diablo Me Dijo Que Hacer) earned a digital delivery package sponsored by Chemistry Films, and Pablo Parés’ I am Toxic (Soy Tòxico) from Argentina won an award sponsored by Le Film Francais.

In the pitching sessions, Santiago Fernández Calvete’s vampire hunter story Vurdalak Blood will participate in co-production meetings in the NAFF programme at BIFAN in South Korea, while the Sitges Pitchbox award went to Gonzalo Calzada’s Inmaculada, the second entry in the Argentine director’s exorcism trilogy.

Demian Rugna’s Argentine film Terrified (Aterrados) earned the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation award as best Latin American film of the year.

In the Animation categories, the five recipients of the MIFA / Annecy (Francia) Award that will take part in a special Animation! section at MIFA are: Sperm Whale (Brazil), The Ballad Of The Phoenix (Mexico), Tally Molly (Ecuador), The Pleasefixers (Costa Rica), and Yorudan District (Argentina).

The Liga de la Animacion Iberoamericana Award went to Two Little Birds (Argentina), which shared the Señal Colombia Award with Luna And The Great Dane (Argentina). The Festival Pixelati (Mexico) Award was presented to Boris Cloud And The Cloud Factory (Argentina), and Cowbots (Argentina) won the BTG Award.