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‘The Raft’

Nordisk Panorama has confirmed the films in its two juried competitions, for Best Nordic Documentary and Best Nordic Short Film, for its Sept 20-25 festival in Malmo, Sweden. 

The Best Nordic Documentary prize comes with $12,900 (€11,000) sponsored by the Nordic public broadcasters DR, YLE, RUV, NRK and SVT.

Those 15 films include The Raft, which already won the top prize at CPH:DOX; and The Distant Barking of Dogs, which has won a slew of awards at festivals including San Fransicso, Thessaloniki, Goteborg, IDFA, Dokfest Munich and Oslo.

The Best Nordic Short prize comes with $8,220 (€7,000) sponsored by the Nordic directors’ associations: Danish Film Directors, Directors’ Guild of Finland, Guild of Icelandic Film Directors, Norwegian Film Directors Association and Swedish Film Directors.

Maja Lindquist, Head of Programme, said, “It has been a pleasure watching all submitted films and it’s been hard to choose. As always the quality of Nordic shorts and docs is very high. This year’s selection features films from all Nordic countries and stories from all over the world. The program is reflecting the world around us, near and far, as well as celebrating the joy of storytelling and filmmaking.” 

Best Nordic Documentary

  • Year of Hope, Mikala Krogh (Den)
  • Beyond Strength, Baldvin Z (Ice)
  • Boys Who Like Girls, Inka Achté (Fin-Nor-Ind)
  • Exit, Karen Winther (Nor)
  • False Confessions, Katrine Philp (Den-Ger)
  • Golden Dawn Girls, Håvard Bustnes (Nor)
  • Leslie on Fire, Stefan Berg (Swe)
  • Living.Loving, Mette Aakerholm Gardell (Swe-Nor)
  • Per Fugelli – I Die, Erik Poppe (Nor)
  • Punk Voyage, J-P Passi & Jukka Kärkkäinen (Fin-Den-Nor)
  • Raghu Rai - An Unframed Portrait (Fin-Nor-Ind)
  • The Deminer, Hogir Hirori (Swe)
  • The Distant Barking of Dogs, Simon Lereng Wilmont (Den-Fin-Swe)
  • The Raft, Marcus Lindeen (Swe-Den-Ger)
  • The Stranger, Nicole Nielsen Horanyi (Den)

Best Nordic Short Film

  • 27 First Years, Jussi Sandhu (Fin)
  • A Stone Slowly Falls, Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (Nor)
  • Affect, Arvin Kananian (Swe)
  • Apple, Yngvild Sve Flikke (Nor)
  • As We’re Told, Erik Holmström & Fredrik Wenzel (Swe)
  • Haunted, Christian Einshøj (Den)
  • Juck, Olivia Kastebring & Julia Gumpert & Ulrika Bandeira (Swe)
  • Mephobia, Mika Gustafson (Swe)
  • Sanctuary, Magnus Rutberg (Swe-Fin)
  • Shadow Animals, Jerry Carlsson (Swe)
  • Solar Walk, Réka Bucsi (Den)
  • The Door, Jenni Toivoniemi (Fin)
  • The Elephant, Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (Den)
  • The Green Valley, Ellen H. Ugelstad (Nor)
  • The Proposal, Det sporadiske filmkollektivet (Nor)
  • The Tiger, Mikko Myllylahti (Fin)
  • Viktoría, Brúsi Ólason (Ice)
  • Water Bears, Yenni Lee (Nor)
  • We Retired People, Tia Kouvo (Swe)
  • Weight of Spring, Erika Calmeyer (Nor)