TIFF director and CEO Piers Handling has announced the organisation’s vision through 2017 in an ambitious document that aims to transform TIFF into the global centre of film.

The strategy identifies four priorities that will serve as the foundation for the organisation’s success: artistic excellence, visitor experience, people and culture, and sustainability.

“The past five years have been a period of major transformation for the organisation,” said Handling. “We opened TIFF Bell Lightbox and began offering programming 365 days a year, including films, series, festivals, world-class exhibitions, speakers and workshops.

“During the next five years we will build upon this foundation and go beyond — extending our impact and expanding our audience while strengthening our roots at home. In this plan we identify the areas we want to invest in order to accomplish our mission of transforming the way people see the world, through film.”


Artistic Excellence: Be the world leader in audience enrichment through curated film programmes;

Visitor Experience: Exceed expectations of all constituents and build loyalty through superior service at every touch-point;

People & Culture: Develop and maintain a high-performing culture that attracts, motivates and retains the best people; and

Sustainability: Generate sufficient funds and operate with efficiency.

TIFF’s plan includes what the organisation called “measurable and ambitious” goals in support of the strategic priorities:

  • Providing the most diverse, enriching film experiences, representing different global regions, film genres, and media formats;
  • Promoting the significance and vitality of the Canadian film industry and culture through the ongoing research, collection, preservation, and exhibition of Canadian works and film-makers;
  • Building relationships with audiences through a variety of platforms;
  • Ensuring that our programming is accessible to audiences of a wide range of ages, origins and interests; and
  • Employing and retaining staff and volunteers who are engaged, loyal and highly satisfied.

In terms of financial performance, TIFF revenues have grown from C$11.2m in 2002 to C$40.4m so far in 2013.

Revenue categories comprise earned revenue, sponsorship, government grants and philanthropic donations and membership.

Government grants is the only category to drop in recent years: C$5.8m in 2013 compares to C$7.7m in 2012 and C$6m in 2011.

Earned revenue and sponsorship account for nearly three-quarters of total revenue.

Click here to view the 2013–2017 Strategic Plan.