I Am Human

Source: Taryn Southern, Intelligent Films

I Am Human

The Film Sales Company has picked up worldwide sales rights to new documentary I Am Human co-directed by Taryn Southern and Elena Gaby ahead of its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival this week.

The film follows three subjects with various conditions who undergo pioneering brain interface treatment involving stimulation from surgically inserted electrodes. Cutting-edge neuroscientists, computer scientists and engineers attempt to stimulate the human brain in ways that restore vision to the blind and enable potentially life-changing brain-to-brain communication.

“I did not imagine a documentary about innovations in computer science would make me cheer or cry, but I Am Human caused me to do both,” said The Film Sales Company president Andrew Herwitz, who announced the acquisition on Monday (29). “The profound transformations revealed are so personal and profound and revolutionary, they have to be seen to be believed.

Given the subject’s topicality – last week scientists at the University of California, San Francisco said they had found a way to translate thoughts into synthesised speech – Herwitz has reported inquiries about sequel and episodic television rights.

I Am Human premieres on Thursday (May 2) and is produced by Southern and Gaby. Alex Klokus and Geoff Clark serve as executive producers.