The Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) has partnered with UK VoD service Distrify to boost viewing and fundraising around documentary I Am Breathing.

The film follows the last months of Neil Platt, a young father with terminal and debilitating motor neurone disease, and premieres on Thursday (June 20) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The festival premiere will act as a focus for a “global screening day” on June 21, with more than 130 screenings planned in over 30 countries.

A “portable fundraiser”, backed by SDI and Distrify, will allow consumers to organise and promote their own screenings of the SDI-produced documentary anywhere in the world.

It allows anyone who views the trailer to share the video and book their own local screening of the film. The technology allows the host of a screening to choose the size of the audience as well as purchase a screening license direct from the video player. Screening times and locations are also displayed in the video player so visitors are able to search for their nearest screening.

The portable fundraiser will support the charities by donating 50% of the net proceeds to the MND/ALS research and re-investing the other half in further awareness work with the film.

Peter Gerard, founder and CEO of Distri, said: “This latest digital platform, developed in partnership with the Scottish Documentary Institute and funded through Nesta, is part of a wider international awareness campaign that will help promote the film and the important issues that the documentary addresses.

“The technology we have developed is perfectly suited to a global awareness campaign as it allows a huge international audience to promote the film on a local level and use a fantastic resource like I Am Breathing to raise awareness of the disease and money for the cause.”

Further information about the global screening day being organised in partnership with the MND Association, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and The D-Word can be found here