Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes will reprise their roles in After as Voltage Pictures launched worldwide sales in Cannes on the sequel to the international box office hit.

After YA author Anna Todd and Voltage Pictures COO and president Jonathan Deckter announced the sequel on Sunday (19) on the back of the original’s $50m-plus box office success this year.

The YA romance opened at number one in 17 countries and has gone on to gross more than $7.7m in France, $8.2m in Germany and $7m in Italy. Russia has produced $2.8m, Benelux more than $1.4m, and Scandinavia more than $2.7m.

Todd will produce the new film with Jennifer Gibgot, Wattpad’s Aron Levitz and Eric Lehrman, CalMaple’s Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon. Voltage CEO Nicolas Chartier and Deckter will serve as executive producers alongside Andrew Panay. Todd wrote the screenplay with Mario Celaya.

“We’ve already seen what this magic mix of a compelling narrative, extremely hardworking talent and insatiable fans can do at the box office on After,” said Deckter. “We partnered with incredibly strategic international distributors on the first installment of After, who were able to unlock the film’s immense value and we can’t wait to get back to work on the second.”

Todd added, “I am beyond excited to begin the sequel to After! The fans made the first film a worldwide success and we are ready to bring them more of Hardin and Tessa in the sequel. This next film will truly capture the heart and feel of the books.”

Voltage launched pre-sales in Cannes on the Liam Neeson action thriller The Minuteman and gangster biopic Lansky starring Harvey Keitel, Emory Cohen, Sam Worthington and Austin Stowell.