First title will be Berlinale contender Supernova, including a day-and-date release in the UK.

Paris-based sales company Wide has partnered with new ‘film discovery’ platform FilmDoo. The new partnership will see FilmDoo distribute titles from Wide’s sub-label for first time directors, Eye On Films / Eye to Eye.

Initially the partnership is for UK and Irish VOD rights, with an aim to reach out to other English-language territories in the future.

The first title will be Tamar Van Den Dop’s Berlinale Generation contender Supernova, with a day-and-date release from independent UK distributor Matchbox Films. The film, about a teenage girl who wishes a car would crash into her home to spice up her life, is based on the novel by Flemish author Bo Van Ranst.

Other acquisitions include Patric Chiha’s Beatrice Dalle starrer Domaine and the docudrama Noor, about a teenage runaway taken under the wing of Pakistan’s transgender community (known as Khusras).

FilmDoo co-founder Weerada Sucharitkul said: “Both our companies have a forward-thinking view on introducing independent, art house and niche titles to an English-speaking audience via VOD in a way that is fun and interactive. This is a really exciting development for us ahead of our launch.”

Wide president Loïc Magneron said: “Free TV is still the main media in the world today. However, fewer and fewer first time directors films are broadcast, often with no theatrical exploitation.

“The internet is becoming the main media to communicate about independent films and attract new audiences. To have partnered with a new and promising partner such as Filmdoo - exploring innovative approaches for audiences to discover new talents - is a really exciting challenge.”

Supernova will be released theatrically by Matchbox Films later this year, in partnership with Cambridge Film Festival, with a day-and-date VOD release from FilmDoo.