Donald Trump

The Writers Guild of America West issued a strong statement on Wednesday (December 20) opposing the passage of the GOP’s tax bill in the US.

Both houses of Congress approved what is being called the most extensive revision of the tax code in decades that marks the first major piece of legislation by president Trump in his first year in office.

The bill cuts taxes on corporations and the rich and has been branded “government for sale” by the Democrats.

“The tax bill is a disaster,” the Guild said. “The fundamental problem faced by America is that for 40 years our economy has become increasingly tilted toward inequality and the disappearance of the middle class.

“Congress and the President have skewed the tax system heavily in favor of the rich; next they will use the resulting budget crisis to defund Medicare, public education and Social Security, all things that working Americans fought for and pay for.

“Middle class writers are not immune to the forces of inequality. We will be doing our best to help writers understand the implications of this legislation for them. The WGAW stands with those who will resist.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) took the opposite view.

The Hollywood lobby group’s chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said: “The MPAA congratulates Congress on the passage of comprehensive tax reform legislation. H.R. 1 will promote further economic growth across American industries, including the U.S. film and television sector, which supports two million jobs and a network of thousands of small businesses across all 50 states. This legislation will advance our nation’s global competitiveness and encourage additional investment at home.”