Mike Nichols and Cary Brokaw will receive the 2004 Visionary Awardfor the acclaimed HBO mini-series Angels In America at the 15th annual Producers Guild OfAmerica (PGA) Awards on Jan 17 in Los Angeles.

The Visionary Award honors producers of either television or filmwhose work demonstrates a "unique or uplifting quality". Last year's award wentto Rita Wilson for My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

"Mike and I are truly thrilled to receive this year's VisionaryAward from the PGA," Brokaw said in a statement.

"To make Angels In America without compromise, and to have it recognised in thismanner, is enormously gratifying. And to be honoured by our friends andcolleagues makes this award all the more meaningful for both of us."

In a jointstatement PGA Awards co-chairs Lawrence Gordon and Debra Hill said: "It is atribute to the vision of Mike Nichols and Cary Brokaw that they chose to ignorethe doubters who said that Tony Kushner's Angels in America was "unfilmable", and instead marshalleda peerless cast and crew in the service of creating a truly unique anduplifting television event."