Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, Holly Hunter,David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Julian Schnabel, Dean Stockwell and Bruce Conner willbe honoured at the upcoming CineVegas Film Festival 2004, which runs from Jun11-19.

Nicholson will receive the Marquee Award recognising "the artisticexcellence, professional accomplishment and dedication to cinema by an actor ordirector whose talent has in a fundamental way advanced film art."

Drive, He Said, which Nicholson wrote, directed and produced in1971, and Five Easy Pieces will be screened during the festival.

The inaugural Half-Life Award will be presented to Sean Penn andRobin Wright Penn and Hunter for their accomplishments in film.

The honour was created to celebrate a younger generation ofactors, directors and writers who have contributed greatly to their professionand amassed an impressive body of work, elevating their craft at a young age.

Penn's 1991 feature The Indian Runner, Wright Penn's She's SoLovely and Hunter's The Piano will all screen.

Lynch, Wenders, Schnabel and Conner will be presented with theCineVegas Vanguard Director Award for visionary directors, while Stockwellreceives the Changed My Life Award for The Boy With The Green Hair.

Lynch's Eraserhead, Wenders' Paris, Texas and Schnabel's BeforeNight Falls will all screen followed by Q&A sessions with the film-makers.

"This year's honourees exemplify the diversity and range of talent infilm today," Dennis Hopper, head of the CineVegas creative advisory board, saidin a statement. "They have all inspired me as an artist and film-maker."