Nigel Clark has returned to Sony as senior executive vice president of international marketing following his role as executive vice president of international marketing at UIP and a recent consultancy stint for Eon Productions on Quantum Of Solace, which Sony released worldwide.

Clark first joined Sony in London as European marketing supervisor in 1990 and was promoted in 1994 to vice president of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa before rising two years later to the position of senior vice president of international marketing in Los Angeles. He was promoted to executive vice president in 2000 and left the company in 2003, joining UIP in 2005.

In his new role, based in Los Angeles, he will oversee marketing and publicity for the international theatrical launches of all titles released by Sony, including acquisitions and local productions.

Sony worldwide marketing and distribution co-president Valerie Van Galder called Clark 'one of the best international marketing strategists in the business' and noted his experience in creative campaigns and awareness of the nuances and demands of individual territories.

Co-president Marc Weinstock added: 'He knows how to effectively work with our teams in each territory so that our campaigns are properly tailored to maximum effect wherever we release our titles throughout the world.'

During his time at UIP, Clark oversaw the international releases for King Kong, Mission Impossible III, War Of The Worlds, Madagascar, Munich and An Inconvenient Truth, among many others.