The Croatian premiere ofTimur Bekmambetov's Night Watchwill kick off the inaugural Libertas Film Festival in the Croatian town ofDubrovnik on Aug 26.

Twenty features arescheduled to play at the four-day event, including the European premieres ofAndrew Wagner's The Talent Given Usand Antonio Campos' Buy It Now.

A Croatian film-makersshowcase and Croatian premieres of Walter Salles' Dark Water, Ira Sach's Forty Shades Of Blue, and Wong Kar Wai's 2046 are among the highlights.

The jury includes Sundanceand CineVegas senior programmer Trevor Groth, FilmMaker Magazine senior editorPeter Bowen, Albert Kapovic of the Croatian Producer's Association, and VinkoBresan, who directed the award-winning Croatian drama Witnesses.

The programme director of Libertas, Kevin Lau has previously worked as a coordinator for programming department of the Sundance Film Festival, and the Festival Director, Mia Pecina, a native of Croatia, previously worked as a film and television Production Manager in Europe and USA.

The festival runs from Aug26-30. For more information visit the official website