Japan 's Nikkatsu Corp and production company/creative agency Inter Media Japan Entertainment (IMJE) have jointly established a new production company named Dzonot Corp.

IMJE invested 51% and Nikkatsu 49% of the initial $85,000 (Y10m) in capital to set up Dzonot, which will be headed by IMJE chief executive Osamu Naito. Dzonot will begin operations in the middle of May.

Nikkatsu stated its aim is to combine the resources of its legendary studio lot facilities with IMJE's skill in project development and its stable of directors and screenwriters.

Dzonot Corp will engage in theatrical feature film development, producing titles in various genres based on contents in Nikkatsu's extensive library.

Since the new fiscal year at the beginning of April, Nikkatsu has ramped up its production and distribution activities, recently opening Nikkatsu Pictures International in Los Angeles.

Nikkatsu also unveiled a slate of 16 productions for 2007 and 2008, including live-action adaptations of the Gatchman (known as G-Force overseas) and Yatterman animation franchises. The latter is to be helmed by director Takashi Miike.

IMJE is part of the IMJ Group which has core businesses of film production, creative talent management, home video and web creation. Group companies include IMJ Mobile, IMJ Korea and Studio Swan.