Over half of the 17-film line-up at this year's Max Ophuels Prize Film Festival feature film competition will be world premieres.

The complete line-up of 11 German, four Austrian and two Swiss newcomer features screening in Saarbruecken from January 13-19, 2003 includes:

011 Beograd by Michael Pfeifenberger, Austria (World premiere)
Baby by Phillipp Stoelzl, Germany
Ernstfall In Havanna by Sabine Boss, Switzerland (German premiere)
Erste Ehe by Isabelle Stever, Germany
Ganz Und Gar by Marco Kreuzpaintner, Germany (World premiere)
Gelbe Tage by Ravin Asaf, Germany (World premiere)
Großglocknerliebe by Joe Duebell, Germany (World premiere)
Ikarus by Bernhard Weirather, Austria
Kaltfront by Valentin Hitz, Austria (World premiere)
Kiki+Tiger by Alain Gsponer, Germany
Kiss And Run by Annette Ernst, Germany
Kleine Freiheit by Yueksel Yaviz, Germany (World premiere)
Mein Erstes Wunder by Anne Wild, Germany
Oltre Il Confine by Rolando Colla, Switzerland (German premiere)
Die Perle In Der Kacke by Dirk Boell, Germany (World premiere)
Ravioli by Peter Payer, Austria (World premiere)
Wir by Martin Guypkens, Germany (World premiere)

Meanwhile, the short film competition of 18 films includes Savas Cevic's Almenya (Germany), Tim Geser's Un Momento (Switzerland), Barbara Marheineke's E-mail Express and Sinan Akkus's Lassie (both Germany).