Nineteen young European actors and actresses have been selected to participate in European Film Promotion's (EFP) "Shooting Stars" showcase of new acting talent at the forthcoming Berlinale from February 8-11.

Among them are the UK's Jamie Sives, lead actor in Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself; German Film Prize-winner Daniel Bruehl (Good Bye, Lenin!); and Czech actress Tatiana Vilhelmova (Wild Bees).

In a programme of events over the Berlinale's first weekend, the "Shooting Stars" will meet the international media for a press lunch on February 9, and festival director Dieter Kosslick will present the young talents with Berlinale Shooting Star statuettes before a competition film screening at the Berlinale Palast that evening.

The next day (Feb 10), EFP will be organising a workshop event at the Berlinale Talent Campus entitled "An Affair to Remember: your agent and you" for the "Shooting Stars", guests of the Campus, producers, talent agents and casting directors to talk about ways of working together.

An innovation this year will be the programming of series of films featuring performances by "Shooting Stars" to be shown at the House of the World Cultures during the Talent Campus.

On announcing this year's lineup of 'Shooting Stars", EFP explained that the selection criteria had been refined: "The young talents must have been awarded a film prize in the past or have had a larger part in a nationally or internationally successful film."

The complete lineup of young talents from 19 European countries are:

Leonor Baldaque - Portugal
Daniel Bruehl - Germany
Ninan Dogg Filippusdottir - Iceland
Cecile de France - France
Mona Fueter - Switzerland
Minna Haapkyla - Finland
Maria Hofstaetter - Austria
Kristoffer Joner - Norway
Marilita Lambropoulou - Greece
Nikolaj Lie Kaas - Denmark
Flora Montgomery - Ireland
Szonia Oroszlan - Hungary
Torkel Petersson - Sweden
Libero di Rienzo - Italy
Matthias Schoenart - Belgium
Daan Schuurmans - Netherlands
Jamie Sives - UK
Goya Toledo - Spain
Tatiana Vilhelmova - Czech Republic