Norwegian film distributors are increasingly using the country's largest music festival - the Quart festival in Kristiansand - as a promotional platform for new releases. This year the event is being used to showcase highly-anticipated Norwegian title Detector, from first-time director Pal Jackman.

The Quart festival, widely renowned as Norway's most important popular music event and currently in its ninth year, has screened 12 upcoming movies a year since 1998. Besides Detector, this year's event will also feature Norewegian premieres of movies such as The Perfect Storm, High Fidelity, Human Traffic, The Million Dollar Hotel and Mission: Impossible 2.

Detector director Jackman, scriptwriter Erlend Loe and actor Harald Eia will all be on hand at Quart to help promote the film. According to Stine Helgeland, marketing executive for the film's Norwegian distributor, Sandrew Metronome, the Quart Festival is an ideal opportunity to reach important target groups.

"We had a pre-screening of The Matrix at Quart last year, and I really believe that the screening and party we held were one of the factors that started the Matrix hype we experienced last summer," Helgeland said. "The audience at Quart is almost the same as the target group that uses cinema the most - people between 15 and 35. It's perfect for us to be part of that setting."

About 15,000-20,000 people are expected to attend this year's Quart festival. The event takes place July 4-9.