Managing director Nina Refseth of Norwegian publishing house Stiftinga Det Norske Samlaget was today appointed head of the new Norwegian Film Institute, so far named the 'new enterprise.'

Refseth, who according to the institute's interim board has a substantial management experience from Norwegian culture life, most recently with three years in her current high-profile job, will start on Jan 1. She will be introduced to current employees on Oct 9.

Fully-established as of Apr 1, on an annual Eu12.3 operating costs, and with a Eu4.6 million budget for film support, the 'new enterprise' will include and essentially operate from the briefs of the present institute, the Norwegian Film Fund and the Norwegian Film Development. It will have app 100 staffers.

The goal of the restructuring is to strengthen Norwegian cinema both domestically and abroad. Culture minister Trond Giske wants local films to sell at least three million tickets annually (2006: 1.9 million) in Norway, control 15% of the DVD market and increase international sales of cinema and TV drama by 100% before 2010.

Production volume must reach 25 full-length films per year, including five documentaries and five titles for children and young audiences. The industry will be financially backed by efficient and targeted support schemes, regional film funds and centres, as well as private investments and market revenues.

Giske's white paper on the Norwegian film industry also insists on increased efforts in talent development as well as professionalism and continuity in all ares of production. The culture minister wants to see more Norwegian contenders for international film and television prizes - and by 2010, women must man 40% of key positions in productions.