New York's Film Society of Lincoln Centre will present acelebration of Krzysztof Kieslowski on the 10th anniversary of his death.

A Road Map Of The Soul: The Complete Kieslowski will feature a near-completeretrospective from Apr 5-23 and will include a roundtable discussion on workingwith Kieslowski on Apr 9.

The retrospective will include his student shorts through to hisfinal Three Colorstrilogy. The programme, organisedby the Film Society of Lincoln Centre with the Polish Cultural Institute in NewYork and the Polish National Film Archive, will debut in New York and travel nationwide.

'A frequent guest at the New York Film Festival, Kieslowskiwas an extraordinarily warm person with a wonderfully sly wit - and oneof the major filmmakers of our time,' programme director Richard Pena said.

'The tradition of auteurism seems especially fruitful in hiscase. This showcase offers a unique opportunity to follow an artist moving fromwhat might be considered 'studies' to sketches, and then to fully realisedportraits.

'Looking at his early documentaries or fiction shorts, it isclear how often ideas, images, themes or motifs that appear in embryonic formin earlier films such as Refrain or X-Rayare prominent in late masterworks such as The Double Life Of Veronique or Blind Chance.

Taken as a whole, the body of Kieslowski's work also provides a revealingchronicle of 30 turbulent years in the history of Poland.'

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