The New Zealand Film Commission's (NZFC) Alan Sorrell has confirmed that it was "reluctantly concluded" today that the government agency is unable to find a way to complete four films caught in a financial melt-down at producer Larry Parr's Kahukura Productions.

The films include director Grant Lahood's Kombi Nation, Adam Larkin's Aidiko Insane and Stuart McKenzie's For Good. All are being made under a one-off low-budget feature scheme which is fully financed by the NZFC, and all are in post-production.

The fourth film, Crime Story, is written and directed by Parr and produced by Charlie McClellan, and also includes NZFC finance.

Sorrell said that the NZFC sent accountants and business advisers PriceWaterhouseCoopers into the company when concerns were raised and put "appropriate procedures" in place on April 10.

"Our immediate focus was to ensure that the shooting of Crime Story was completed," said Sorrell. "This involved the NZFC making payments directly to the service providers. Some remain unpaid as the Inland Revenue recently served a notice on the NZFC which effectively prevented us from continuing with this arrangement."

Parr has credits on 15 films including Came A Hot Friday, which is one of the 10 most successful local films ever released in New Zealand.