Ocean's Twelve gets its first big international push this weekend when WarnerBros Pictures International launches the star-clad caper sequel in a quartet ofmajor European markets.

The picture went out in Franceon Dec 15 and Germany on Dec 16 followed by Italy and Spain a day later and isexpected to build strongly on its early $5.8m international gross, given thatthe 2001 original amassed more than $267m from its international run.

By way of comparison Ocean's Eleven opened top in Spain in January 2002 on$2.7m, second in Germany that same month on $4.9m behind The Fellowship OfThe Ring, and second inFrance in February 2002 with $9m in its first week behind local sensation Asterix& Obelix. Resultsfor Italy were unavailable at time of writing.

Latest cumulative totals for Warner Bros Pictures Internationaltitles put The Polar Express on $50.2m, Catwoman $41.9m, Exorcist: The Beginning on $25.5m (Warner Bros has limitedrights), Alexander on$3.1m (from Mexico only, and again Warner Bros has limited rights), and AVery Long Engagement on$36.6m.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens Pixar hit The Incrediblesin South Korea, Mexicoand India on Dec 17. The partnership between BVI and Pixar has been a magicalone for several years now and major results are expected.

The Incredibles has amassed $156.2m so far and BVI will have a better idea ofwhether it can overtake Finding Nemo's $524.9m international cumulative score once the crucialholiday period is over.

BVI also opens the adventure National Treasure, which to date has grossed $34.2m fromits run, in Taiwan on Dec 18.

Elsewhere a couple of distributors are vying to be big in Japanthis weekend as Fox International opens Alien Vs Predator on Dec 18 on 380 prints and UIP releasesParamount's Jackass andDreamWorks' The Terminal on the same date.

Hollywood action horror pictures tend to go down well withJapanese audiences and Fox International executives will look to a strongopening to boost AVP's$74m international cumulative total past the $80.3m domestic total.

Other UIP releases include DreamWorks' Lemony Snicket's ASeries Of Unfortunate Events (Paramount holds domestic rights) in Australia on Dec 16 and inthe UK on Dec 17, DreamWorks' Surviving Christmas in Germany and Russia on Dec 16, and Shrek2 in Italy on Dec 17.

The Italian debut of Shrek 2 should be a big one, given that the 2001 original opened topthere on just over $1m in June 2001.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) has no major releases this weekend. Latest figuresannounced by executives put Christmas With The Kranks on $10.4m, Anacondas on $31.8m, Bad Santa on $12.9m, and The Forgotten on $35.6m - all as of Dec 13.