Ocean's Twelve grossed an estimated $22.6m through Warner BrosPictures International at the weekend on 5,183 prints in 46 markets, raisingthe cumulative total to $67.8m.

The picture continued to rank number one in several markets and opened top inBelgium on an impressive $1.2m on 75 that recorded the second biggest opening thisyear for a Warner Bros picture behind Harry Potter And The Prisoner OfAzkaban.

Ocean's Twelve opened in Mexicoon $1.8m on 550 screens for an unconfirmed rank.

Key holds saw the picture stay top in France, Spain, Germany and Holland. InFrance, Ocean's Twelve added$4.2m on 789 prints and 507,751 nationwide admissions for a $14.1m runningtotal after two weekends, while Spain produced $2.4m on 427 for $7m after thesame amount of time.

Germany produced $2.6m on 827 for $9.7m, Holland added $873,800 on 135 for$2.6m, and Italy added $2.9m on 400 for a $6.2m running total all after twoweekends.

Meanwhile The Polar Express isbearing down on $100m after adding $10.5m on 6,000 prints in 59 markets for an$83.8m international running total.

The picture opened in second place in Thailand behind the local language Jaew on $199,000 on 46 prints, opened on $1.3m on 118prints in South Korea for an unconfirmed ranking, and placed second in HongKong following a $381,900 debut on 31.