Powered by severalprestigious number one launches at the weekend Ocean's Twelve tookapproximately $29m in 27 countries through Warner Bros Pictures Internationalto raise its international running total to more than $35m.

The crime caper sequel opened top in France on an estimated $7.5m on 719screens, top in Germany on $5.3m on 810 for 40% market share, and top in Spainon $3.3m on an impressive $3.3m on 426.

The picture opened in Italy on $2.4m on 382 for an unconfirmed ranking andscored a superb debut in Holland on a table-topping $1.4m on 135. It remainedtop in its second weekend in Australia on $1.8m from 378 for a $6.8m runningtotal.

ThePolar Express grossed roughly $10.5m at the weekend for an internationalcumulative total of $63.5m.

Highlights were a strong second weekend hold in the UK on $2.2m for $7.8m. Theanimated hit raised its total after three weekends to $5.5m in France, $7.3m inGermany and $7.1m in Japan. It has amassed $4.9m in Australia after fiveweekends.