Ocean's Twelve passed $200m at the international boxoffice for Warner Bros International at the weekend as it raised its runningtotal by an estimated $11.2m to $201.1m.

The key driver was the picture's $6.6m second place debut in 450 UK theatres, astrong launch that still wasn't enough to beat Meet The Fockers in itssecond weekend.

According to distribution executives at the studio, Ocean's Twelve's UKdebut was 81% of the amount grossed by Ocean's Eleven in February 2002,and 5% more than Catch Me If You Can roughly a year later.

After three weekends in Japan, Ocean's Twelve added an estimated $2.4mon 294 screens for an excellent $21.3m.

By way of comparison, the prequel hadtaken more than $27m after its third week in Japan in early 2002.

A Very Long Engagement grossed $2.3m from 728 prints in 23 countries to elevate its international cumulative total to $47.6m.

The picture added $870,600 on 266 in Germany to raise its total there to $2.3m after two weekends. Elsewhere, it ranked top in Greece on $688,900 after two weekends, and top in Sweden on $123,500 after the same amount of time.

The Aviator ranks second in Mexico and added $796,800 on 420 screens for $2.7m after two weekends. Including Uruguay, the international total from Warner Bros territories stands at $2.7m. The picture is set to open in Australia on Feb 10.

Alexander produced $1.3m on 896 international screens in 13 territories to raise the Warner Bros total to $30.9m. The Polar Express currently stands on $117.4m.