The Film Finance Corporation (FFC) is to invest in The Honourable Wally Norman, allowing Ocean Pictures to fulfil its sales agent ambitions. The comedy will be represented internationally by both Ocean and the UK's Alibi Film Sales, under an agreement struck when the Australian company launched nearly two years ago.

The producer of The Honourable Wally Norman is Jonathan Shteinman, who owns Ocean Pictures alongside Emile Sherman. Ted Emery will direct the script by Andrew Jones and Rick Kalowski. Emery's most recent film, The Craic, grossed over A$5m from its theatrical release in 1999. The bulk of his experience is in television.

Pay TV outfit Showtime/PMP and the South Australian Film Corporation have put up equity investment alongside the FFC, and Becker will handle the local release. Shooting is scheduled for the first half of 2002 in Adelaide.

The film is about a poor, honest meatworker, who is accidentally nominated for the Australian Parliament by incompetent politicians. Ordinary values help him overcome the odds to win office in the face of party politics.

Very few sales agents operate out of Australia and fewer have much of a profile. The exception being Beyond Films.