Dayyan Eng’s black comedy is about a brash American who befriends a Chinese neighbour.

Odin’s Eye Entertainment has picked up exclusive sales rights to Dayyan Eng’s black comedy Inseparable, which will give audiences their first experience of Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey in a Chinese production.

The two-time Oscar winner — for American Beauty and The Usual Suspects — plays a brash American by the name of Chuck who befriends his Chinese neighbour Li and encourages him to stand up for himself.

Michael Favelle, chief executive of Sydney-based sales agency OEE, says the “brilliant” performance is “classic Spacey”.

Li, who is facing an ugly time at home and at work, is played by US-born Daniel Wu (The Banquet) and his wife is brought to life by Chinese actor Beibi Gong. The film also features Swedish actor Peter Stormare (Fargo)

Favelle will show the film, which is in English and Mandarin, at two private screenings at EFM in Berlin. Besides being impressed by Spacey, he added the film to his eclectic catalogue because it has plenty of laughs and a lot of heart.

He hopes that it will be the first of more partnerships with Jason Han and Yennie Hao at China’s Fantawild Films, who played a big part in the financing and are particularly interested in international co-production.