Producer Tucker Tooley has optioned the screenplay ChrisO'Connell And Adam Lipschitz Lose Their Religion from actor-writers Bryan Fogel and SamWolfson.

The screenplay is loosely based on Fogel and Wolfson's longtimestage comedy Jewtopia,and they will reprise their stage roles in the feature.

The story centres on childhood friends who reunite in their early thirtiesand form a pact to help each other find the girls of their dreams.

Tooley, whose credits include A Man Apart and In The Shadows, will produce alongside Dan Keston. AndyFickman will serve as executive producer and production is set to get underwayin February 2007.

"Our mothers nearly flipped their lids when they heard thatwe were taking the concept of Jewtopia to the big screen," Wolfson said.

"Before we created what is now one of the longest runningoff-Broadway plays in history, we were just two actors trying to break throughin Hollywood, so this film is a huge next step for us."

"I really believe that what Sam and Bryan havecreated and so successfully portrayed on stage for the last three years will bevery compelling as a film," Tooley said. "The medium is different butthe heart of the story and the dynamic characters remain the same."

Jewtopia has remained on stage for two years andrecently passed its 800th performance in New York City. Fogel and Wolfson arerepresented by CAA.