Cinemavault ReleasingInternational has notched up a string of sales, headed by Pieter Kuijpers' OffScreen.

The Dutch hostagethriller has been picked up for the US by Image Entertainment, with furtherdeals for France (Melimedias), Brazil (California), Greece (Spentzos Film), andthe former Yugoslavia (A.G. Market).

Georgina Riedel's comedy How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer has sold to Australia (Metropolis) and the formerUSSR territories (Maywin Media). Elizabeth Pena and America Ferrera star.

Firecracker, Steve Bladerson'strue-life story of betrayal and murder in a small town, has sold to Australia(Shock Records), Germany (Atomik Films), Greece (Art Free) and Thailand (RoseVideo Co).

Meanwhile Brett Wagner's thriller The Hidden went to Germany (Galileo), Brazil (Nordeste), theMiddle East (Cedars Art), Greece (Spentzos Films), Thailand (Rose Video Co),Finland (Finnkino), and Turkey (Spotek).