Miami-based production and sales outfit Ondamax will be targeting Sundance and Berlin early next year with a slew of new Latin American projects. The lineup includes Ana Luiza Azevedo's Brazilian drama Before The World Ends, San Sebastian prizewinner Gasolina and documentary, Oso Blanco about the most notorious prison in Puerto Rico.

However, one of Ondamax's biggest projects, $4 million Captains Of The Sands, a City of God-style drama about homeless kids in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, won't be ready for Berlin. Cannes looks like a more likely destination for the film - which is currently four weeks into shooting.

Ondamax is also getting into the animation game, handling Otto Guerra's 2D animated feature Vogue In D Minor, a Brazil/Canada co-production based on the musical play Tango And Tragedy.

Here in Santa Monica, Ondamax is pushing Mexican drama Teo's Journey, a drama about a boy searching for his father on the border between Mexico and the US, and Rodrigo Bellot's Perfidy, a Chile-Bolivia-US co-production. Another Ondamax title, Brian Petersen's crime drama Coyote, about people-smuggling on the Mexican-US border, has now found a US home: it will be released in the US by Maya Releasing.