The UK-based company OneEyed Films, which specialises in Latin American films, has come on board as oneof the producers of Embodiment Of Evil, a horror film to be directed by Brazilian cultfigure Jose Mojica Marins,who has made more than 40 films. The other producers are Olhosde Cao, Gullane Filmes and Marins.

Dennison Ramalhoco-wrote the script with Marins about the well-knowncharacter, undertaker Coffin Joe, who is released from prison and goes on amessianic crusade in Brazil's favelas. The $2.1 m Portugeuse-language project will shoot for six weeks in2007.

One Eyed previously acted asa sales agent for eight of Marin's titles. The company is also inpre-production on Aluizio Abranchesthird feature film From The Beginning ToThe End, in development on Sergio Bianchi's Territorio Livre and in post-production on Rossana Foglia and Rubens Rewald's The Body.

One Eyed Films, which isalso a sales company, has picked up Manuel Nieto Zas'Dog Pound (La Perrera),which won a Tiger Award in Rotterdam.The Uruguayan tale is about a lazy 25-year-old who is persuaded by his fatherto build a house in an abandoned sea resort. The film has its North Americanpremiere in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the Toronto InternationalFilm Festival. Rights have already been licensed in Mexico, France and Germany.

"It is really exciting to beworking with such young and up-coming talent,"said Betina Goldman, managing director of One EyedFilms. "Dog Pound is a hilarious filmin a quiet dead pan kind of way, fully engaging and satisfying, with a firingplot twist lending it tragic edge. DogPound is further evidence of the immense creativity of the new generationof Latin American cinema whose irreverent cross over appeal to internationalaudiences became evident by the box offices success of films like Duck Season, Whisky and Y Tu Mama Tambien."