US onlineactivism group has launched a campaign urging the public to see Fahrenheit9/11 on its Jun 25opening day.

Failing that, the group wants audiences to pledge to turnout anytime that weekend.

"Given howdevastating the movie is to President Bush's carefully crafted facade, it'shardly surprising that right-wing groups who call Moore a 'domestic enemy' areusing censorship and intimidation tactics to try to get it pulled fromtheatres," MoveOn's Eli Parisersaid in a rallying email circular.

"That's whywe've got to do everything we can to make the opening a huge success."

The 'domesticenemy' slur comes from the neophyte conservative group Move America Forward,which earlier this week called for a boycott of the picture and urged theatresto drop it from their schedules.

However it seemslikely that such an egregious disregard for free speech will only serve toheighten anticipation before the picture opens in theatres.

Domesticdistributors Lions Gate and IFC are challenging Fahrenheit 9/11's R rating awarded by the MPAA for"violent and disturbing images and for language."