Holly Ornstein Carter hasbeen named executive director of the Global Film Initiative (GFI), the NewYork-based non-profit organisation set up to promote cross-culturalunderstanding through cinema.

"Following the tremendoussuccess of our first-year, 14-city, major cultural institutional tour, it is apivotal time in our history as we look to expand and increase the impact of thisinnovative, educational, and cultural programme," GFI chair Susan Weeks Coultersaid in a statement.

"Holly is a uniquelywell-credentialed, highly respected individual who brings a complement ofskills to this task."

The GFI has developed fourcomplementary programmes and offers grants, runs outreach educationalprogrammes and acquires and distributes films.

"The mission of The GlobalFilm Initiative is to bridge the world between Americans and the outside world,and that has been the focus of my professional life," Carter added.

"I look forward tobringing my experience in journalism, fundraising, education and film-making toThe Global Film Initiative as we move forward."

Carter is a former PBSproducer and consultant in the non-profit sector who also co-founded the FullFrame Festival (formerly known as the Doubletake Documentary Festival).