Producer Barrie M Osborne, who relocated from the US to New Zealand to work with director Peter Jackson on The Lord Of The Rings, is set to continue his relationship with the country - and to keep putting myth and fantasy up on the big screen.

He is now in the process of financing The Magnificent Magic Fingers, to be directed by New Zealander Robert Sarkies from a script by he and his brother Duncan.

"It is Dickens meets Dahl in a magical fairytale adventure about a plot to kidnap the tooth fairy", Sarkies told "It is an original mythical tale set in an imaginative alternate reality."

The Magnificent Magic Fingers has the support of many of the key creatives responsible for The Lord Of The Rings and will be able to take advantage of the hundreds of specialist crew trained as a result of the trilogy. It has been developed with support from The New Zealand Film Commission, which has just had its budget doubled by the Government.

Sarkies' only other film, Scarfies, which he also collaborated on with his brother, was one of the country's top five local box office earners during the 1990s.