Dreamgirls, the recipient of eight Oscar nominations on Tuesday, gets its first major international push this weekend.

Paramount/PPI executives will be looking to convert the recognition into healthy overseas returns when it opens the hit musical in Italy, Mexico and Spain on Jan 26.

Meanwhile the family film Charlotte's Web opens in eight territories including Taiwan on Jan 27. It currently stands at more than $21.8m.

Babel, which also earned a generous haul of nominations, stands at more than $19.6m, while the Oscar nominated documentary An Inconvenient Truth stands at $17.9m and Flushed Away has grossed $104.5m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) will be trading on Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou's acting nods when it opens Blood Diamond in Germany on Jan 25, followed by the UK and Italy on Jan 26. The adventure has amassed $13.1m and should receive a major boost this weekend.

Elsewhere, Flags Of Our Fathers stands at $27.5m and launches in Mexico on Jan 26. Latest figures put Oscar nominee The Departed on $133.3m including non-WBPI territories, animated picture Oscar nominee Happy Feet on $158.3m including Roadshow territories, The Prestige on $45.6m, and Oscar nominee Letters From Iwo Jima on $36.7m.

Mexican film-goers get their chance to lay eyes on Apocalypto when Fox International releases the Mayan adventure on 300 prints on Jan 26.

The film also opens in Brazil on the same day on 48 prints and Taiwan on Jan 27 on 43. Latest information puts Mel Gibson's action film on $34.9m through all distributors.

In a busy weekend for the distributor, which has dominated the overseas arena since the start of the year thanks to blockbusters Night At The Museum and Eragon.

Night At The Museum opens in three territories including Spain on Jan 26; it currently stands at $177.7m. Eragon has grossed $162.3m to date. Borat, currently on $118.7m, opens in South Korea on Jan 26.

The drama Rocky Balboa launches in five territories including France on Jan 24 and Russia a day later. The industry-wide tally is $28.2m.

The Fountain opens in Australia on Jan 25 and the UK a day later. Also set to launch on Jan 25 in Australia is the comedy Epic Movie, which goes out day-and-date with North America.

The Last King Of Scotland has taken $4.8m thus far and opens in six territories this weekend, when Fox International top brass will expect Forest Whitaker's best actor mention to spark strong business. The Oscar nominated Little Miss Sunshine, currently on $32.2m, goes out in Taiwan on Jan 27 as well as two smaller markets.

Casino Royale will cross $400m this weekend for Sony Pictures Releasing International and is a whisker away on $399.6m. The Pursuit of Happyness, starring best actor nominee Will Smith, heads out to Japan on Jan 27 and stands at $31.7m.

Also in action is Marie Antoinette in South Korea and Argentina on Jan 25, when executives will look to boost the $26.1m tally. Latest figures put Monster House on $64.4m, and Stranger Than Fiction on $4.8m.

Universal/UPI opens the local pick-up One Way, a thriller starring Til Schweiger, in Germany on Jan 25. Universal holds German, Swiss and Austrian rights.

Crime tale Smokin' Aces heads out to Russia on Jan 25 on 334 screens. It has grossed $4.6m from UK so far.