MTM Medien & Television Muenchen is planning a sequel to its Oscar-winning production of Caroline Link's Nowhere In Afrika (Nirgendwo In Afrika) and an international children's TV series based on the film.

Speaking exclusively to, producer Andreas Bareiss revealed that MTM is developing a feature film based on Nowhere In Africa novelist Stefanie Zweig's second novel Somewhere In Germany (Irgendwo In Deutschland) which follows the experiences of the Redlich family when they come back to Germany from Africa after the Second World War.

In addition, an international children's TV series based on Nowhere In Africa and focusing on the daughter and her African friends is being developed to shoot at locations in South Africa. "Strong interest" in the series project has already come from a German broadcaster, according to Bareiss.

Meanwhile, MTM has entered into a working partnership with the UK financier Grosvenor Park for the backing of Sandra Nettelbeck's latest feature Sergeant Pepper which began shooting in and around Hamburg from September 15.

The family entertainment film stars Ulrich Thomsen (Festen), Johanna Ter Steege (Sea Of Silence) Barbara Auer (The State I Am In), August Zirner (Mostly Martha) and seven-year-old child actor Neal Lennart Thomas in his first film role, and is being co-produced with Constantin Film, Bavaria Film, Sgt. Pepper Ltd., and Italy's Mikado Film

"We were first planning to make [Sandra Nettelbeck's next film] Helen together with Grosvenor Park", Bareiss explained. "But when we were missing some money on Sergeant Pepper, they decided to come onboard here with the English financing model of sale and leaseback. We are already working on the financing structure for Helen which we will make in Canada next year."