Hong Kong-listed Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (OSGH) has announced the opening of four new multiplexes with 27 screens in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The move expands the group’s portfolio across Asia to 28 multiplexes with 223 screens.

The four new cinemas are GH Citywalk and GH Whampoa in Hong Kong, GH Suzhou InCity Plaza Multiplex in mainland China and Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Q Square in Taiwan.

GH CityWalk is Hong Kong’s first fully digital cinema, with five digital screens including two 3D screens. Meanwhile, the four-screen GH Whampoa has two 3D screens. 

The nine-screen GH Suzhou InCity Plaza Multiplex is also fully digital and is the largest modern multiplex in Suzhou and Jiangsu province. One of the nine screens is China’s largest 3D screen with 442 seats.

VieShow Cinemas Taipei Q Square, which the group’s eighth cinema in Taiwan, also has nine screens.

The opening of the new cinemas coincides with OSGH’s digital cinema deployment agreements with two US studios announced last week.

Under separate agreements, Warner Brothers Pictures International and Paramount Pictures International will supply digital feature films directly to DCI-compliant digital projection systems installed by OSGH’s cinemas in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The studios will also make financial contributions towards the group’s recoupment of the equipment costs involved.

In addition to eight cinemas in Taiwan, OSGH now owns seven sites in Hong Kong, four in China and nine in Singapore. In October, OSGH acquired Beijing Huacheng Meiying Theatre Ltd and Beijing Mylin Huaying Theatre Management Ltd for $4.37m (RMB29.88m), adding two cinemas to the group’s mainland portfolio. Between them, the two companies own two cinemas and operate seven more.

OSGH previously recruited Chen Guowei, former Wanda Cinema chief manager, as its mainland China general manager. It is now developing a further 21 sites across China.  

“OSGH will operate 377 screens across Asia in three years based on the contracts signed. Our new cinemas are mainly located in the PRC including Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuxi, Nanjing and Beijing,” said Kelvin Wu, CEO of OSGH.