The Museum Of Modern Art and the Film Society Of Lincoln Center announced today six official selections for the 2011 New Directors/New Films Film Festival.

The event will run from Mar 23–Apr 3 and the six films are: Pia Marais’ At Ellen’s Age (Germany), Denis Cote’s Curling (Canada), Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies (Canada-France), Bogdan George Apetri’s Outbound (Periferic) (Romania), Nicolas Pereda’s Summer Of Goliath (Verano De Goliat) (Mexico) and Hongqi Li’s Winter Vacation (Han Jia) (China).

“These first six selections are indicative of the great variety of films and the worldwide scope for which New Directors/New Films has long been known and respected,” said Rajendra Roy, The Celeste Bartos chief curator, department of film at the Museum Of Modern Art.

“Each of these film-makers has demonstrated a remarkable gift for storytelling and we are thrilled to bring their work to New York audiences.”