A mix of experienced directors and producers and unknownsare attached to the 12 projects selected for next month's financing marketSPAAmart.

Actor Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing, Moulin Rouge)is hoping to make his big screen directorial debut with Romulus, My Father.UK scriptwriter Nick Drake has adapted the memoir by academic Raymond Gaita,Robert Connolly is producing, and Eric Bana is understood to be attached. (seeseparate FFC story on ScreenDaily.com today).

Industry veteran Bryan Brown is producing Nowherewith director David Caesar. The pair last collaborated on the UK/Australianco-production Dirty Deeds.

Another actor in the list is Belinda McClory, who iswriting the script for X with producer/director and life partner JonHewitt.

The third SPAAmart runs alongside the annual ScreenProducers Association of Australia conference, (August 13 to 16) onQueensland's Gold Coast. The projects are as follows:

Gift Of Fear - Prod: Shayne Sandor. Dir: Ernie Clark. Scr: MikiMichalopoulos.
Life For Life -- Prods/dirs: Penelope McDonald, Pauline Chan. Scr:Martin Edmond.
Lou - Prods: Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres, Belinda Chayko. Dir/scr:Chayko.
Mary, Mary - Prod: Scott McDonald. Dir: Andrew Ellis. Scr: StephanieMcCarthy.
Nowhere - Prod: Bryan Brown. Dir: David Caesar. Scr: Bernard Hallam
Rainbow Run - Prod: Owen Johnston. Dir: Lawrence Johnston. Scr:Christine Langtree.
Romulus, My Father - Prod: Robert Connolly. Dir: Richard Roxburgh, Scr:Nick Drake
The Tumbler - Prod/dir: Marc Gracie. Scr: Chris Thompson.
X -- Prod/dir: Jon Hewitt. Scr: Hewitt, Belinda McClory.
Choice - Prod: Ainsley Gardiner. Dir/scr: Taika Waititi.
Ice Blossom - Prod: Leanne Saunders. Dir/scr: Rain Jung.
The Ferryman - Prod: Matthew Metcalf. Scr: Nick Ward.