In a challenge to Australia's filmmaker-is-kingculture, state agency the Pacific Film and Television Commission (PFTC) istesting a couple of US people for the job of in-house development executive.

PFTC head of production Henry Tefay is looking for someonewho understands cinematic storytelling and reaching audiences, could well takeexecutive producer credits on projects -- and is probably not Australian. Hepaints the plan as Queensland's answer to the hothousing that other stateagencies have instituted recently, and about being more proactive about scriptsand collaborative relationships with filmmakers.

The PFTC always invests in feature production alongside theFilm Finance Corporation (FFC).

The PFTC has A$500,000 in the current year to develop localfilm and television drama, and A$1.45 million for feature production. Unlikeother states, the Queeensland industry has grown - or is growing - off the backof offshore production. Another arm of the PFTC attracts and assists theseproductions.