UPDATED MAR 10: In the first blockbuster launch of 2013, Oz The Great And Powerful stormed into action across the world to earn an estimated $69.9m from 46 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

The result combined with the number one $80.3m North American debut for a sparkling $150.2m global haul.

Russia led the way on $15m, followed by the UK on $5.7m, Mexico on $5.1m, Australia on $5m, Germany on $4.2m, Brazil on $3.8m, Italy on $3.6m, Japan on $3.5m, Spain on $2.6m and South Korea on $1.7m.

IMAX’s International box office for Oz set a new March record of $4m from 135 screens. Friday-to-Sunday results from Russia delivered an all-time territory record of $1.4m and $50,000 per screen. IMAX’s global result was $12.2m from 442 digital screens overall in the second best March result behind Alice In Wonderland in 2010.

Oz The Great And Powerful is set to arrive in France this week and in China on Mar 29.

  • UPDATED: Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters grossed a confirmed $10.8m from 2,976 cinemas in 41 ountries reported to boost the running total to $142m, of which $140.1m. The overal running total including grosses from independent distributors is several million dollars higher.

The adventure fantasy opened in France in third place on $2.6m and added $3.3m in Germany from 480 to reach $10m in the second weekend. In two other second weekend results, Spain and the UK produced $1.1m from 487 for $3.7m and $860,000 from 403 for $4.1m, respectively.

Flight brought in $1.9m from 1,158 in 38 markets and stands at $53.5m through PPI, rising to approximately $65.1m through all distributors. The Denzel Washington drama added $1.1m from 321 in its second weekend in Japan for $5.4m.

  • UPDATED: A Good Day To Die Hard unearthed a confirmed $8.9m through Fox International from 5,494 screens in 67 markets to propel the running total to $177.1m. Crossing $200m would appear to be a formality with four markets to go including Australia and China.

There were strong holds in the third weekend in France and Brazil, where Bruce Willis and company added $1.9m from 675 for $13.1m and $1.1m from 429 for $6.9m, respectively.

Germany produced $943,211 from 601 for $14.1m after four weekends. Die Hard 5 stands at $19.4m in the lead market of Japan after four and has reached $16.32 in the UK after the same amount of time. Spain added $202,048 from 252 for $4.4m after four weekends.

Lincoln grossed $1.7m from 1,686 screens in 35 markets for $77.6m and the historical drama stands at $13.3m in the UK after seven, $10.9m in France after six and an estimated $6.8m in Spain after eight.

Life Of Pi has become Fox’s seventh highest earner as $1.5m from 1,387 screens in 38 markets helped the Yann Martel adaptation reach $481.1m. Australia has generated $29m after 10, Germany an estimated$26.9m after 11, Japan $20.5m after seven and director Ang Lee’s native Taiwan has produced $18.1m after 16 weekends.

Stoker stands at an early $3.8m frlom seven territories including Park Chan-wook’s native South Korea on $2.3m and the UK on $1.1m, both after two weekends. Hitchcock stands at $14.6m and Parental Guidance has reached $42.9m.

  • UPDATED: Sony Pictures Releasing International reported that Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained added a confirmed $4.6m from 2,545 in 56 markets to push the running total to $241.3m.

In two notable eighth-weekend results, a further $1.1m from 592 in Germany raised the tally to $46.6m while France generated $842,743 from 368 for $36.1m. The UK and Spain have produced $24.8m and $13.5m after the same period of time and Australia has delivered $15.9m after seven.

  • UPDATED: Working Title’s Les Misérables earned a confirmed $6m through Universal Pictures International from 5,564 sites in 45 territories to reach $275.4m. China delivered $2.4m from the second weekend for $7.7m. Hotel Transylvania added $1.9m for $196.2m, while Taina 3 — A Orgem has grossed $1.4m, El Cuerpo $8.3m and Die Vampirschwestern $7.4m.

Ted is poised to become the biggest R-rated comedy internationally on Monday after it reached the same score as The Hangover 2 on $327m. Japan has amassed $41.9m.

Mama added $5.9m from 1,980 in 19 territories for $41.3m and opened in second place in Russia on $2.6m from 441. The horror film ranks eighth in Spain in its fifth weekend after adding $347,000 from 279 for $10.2m.

Anna Karenina stands at $47.8m, This Is 40 $14.1m and Pitch Perfect $45.9m, whileIdentity Thief has taken an early $2.3m.

Universal is distributingGreat Expectations starring Jeremy Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter in Australia and New Zealand. Australia opened on $154,000 from 61 venues and New Zealand has grossed $41,000 from 43.

Savages opened in limited release in Japan on $41,000 in 12 cinemas. This was the final theatrical release for Oliver Stone’s crime drama, which has amassed $31.5m through the distributor.

  • UPDATED: Jack The Giant Slayer grossed a confirmed $5.3m through Warner Bros Pictures International in its second weekend from 1,370 screens in the 10 Asian markets to reach an early $23m.  

The remaining international markets will start releasing this week: Germany on Mar 14, Spain and Mexico on Mar 15, followed by Australia on Mar 21 and the UK and Japan on Mar 22.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is far from dormant and added a further $4.9m from more than 1,780 screens in 24 markets to bring it to $708.3m. The bulk of this came from China, which returned $4.6m from 1,480 in the third weekend to stand at $45.4m. Argo stands at just shy of $90m.

Pedro Almodovar’s I’m So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajeros) scored the auteur’s biggest ever launch in Spain as it opened at number two on an estimated $2.6m from 298 screens. The film is an El Deseo Production distributed by Warner Bros Spain.

Focus Features International reported that Cloud Atlas has reached $19.2m while Hyde Park On Hudson stands at $2.9m.