Writer/director Mark Forstmann and producers MiriamStein and Tamara Popper go into production on October 31 on Monkey Puzzleafter extensive workshops with a cast of young emerging actors.

The coming of age, character-driven drama centres onfive friends who go looking for world's rarest tree. As they descend into theravines and canyons of the Blue Mountains, the vast landscape begins to closein on them. They are forced to confront hidden pasts, unrequited love, fear ofintimacy and a haunting memory.

Monkey Puzzle is one ofthe new projects in this month's production listings (see link below). Othernew additions to the Australian production listings since May include DeathDefying Acts, a UK/Australian co-production being directed by GillianArmstrong (Little Women, Charlotte Gray), and produced by MarianMacgowan and Chris Curling. The film is set in the 1920s and centres on HarryHoudini.

Myriad, which has signed on for a number ofAustralian films in the last 18 months, is handling international sales andBecker will release the film locally.

Also new to the list is Boytown, by much ofthe team behind 2002 local comedy hit Crackerjack, includingactor/writer/producer Mick Molloy and his writer brother Richard Molloy. KevinCarlin is directing. It was financed through the FFC and, like Crackerjack,will be released by Australia's biggest independent distributor, Roadshow.Element Films has international rights.

Unusually, there are also two documentary features inthe list. Rampage has strong music themes and is from writer/directorGeorge Gittoes, and Hunt Angels delves into the history of Australia'sfilm industry.

It is also well worth drawing attention to Daniel"Harry Potter" Radcliffe being cast in December Boys, which goes intoproduction on November 14.

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