UPDATED JUL 22: Pacific Rim stole past Despicable Me 2 to rule the international box office on $35.3m according to confirmed numbers issued on Monday [22] by Warner Bros Pictures International executives.

Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi stands at $110.9m and opened top in France on $3.7m from 641 and arrived at number two in Hong Kong on $1.8m from 60.

In a raft of second weekend holds it added $4.1m in Russia for $16.6m, $3.5m in South Korea for $15.6m, $2.5m in Mexico for $11.4m, $2m in the UK for $7.7m, $1.5m in Australia for $5.2m and $679,000 in Italy for $2.6m.Pacific Rim arrives in China on Jul 31.

Man Of Steel is up to $350.1m following a $6.1m haul from approximately 3,665 in 61 markets. Superman stands at $63.1m in China, $46m in the UK, $21.1m in Mexico, $21m in Australia, $18.9m in France, $15.2m in South Korea, $11.3m in Brazil, $10.7m in Russia and $9.7m in Spain.

Horror title The Conjuring opened day-and-date with the number one North American debut, arriving in Spain, Australia and New Zealand on a combined $3.4m from 462 screens. Spain delivered $1.7m from 300 and Australia $1.5m from 134.

  • Despicable Me 2 crossed $300m through Universal Pictures International to rule the roost again on a confirmed $34.9m from 7,619 venues in 50 territories that pushed the tally to $308.3m.

On Saturday [20] Despicable Me 2 overtook the $293m final lifetime gross of its 2010 predecessor and has now reached $584.3m worldwide with 12 territories to go. It ranks as Universal’s highest grossing film of all time in Brazil on $25.2m. The UK tally stands at $45.8m, Mexico $39m, Australia $30m and France $23.6m.

The World’s End, which was one of the stars of Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend, defied the European heatwave to open in the UK on $3.5m from 585 and arrived in New Zealand on $238,00 from 51.

Universal handles Latin American and Spanish rights to the 3D animated film Foosball from Argentinian Oscar winner Juan Jose Campanella and it broke records in Argentina. The $3.1m opening weekend scored the biggest opening weekend for an Argentinian film, the biggest July debut and Universal’s bigget opening day on Thursday. Remaining territories open in December and January 2014.

Fast & Furious 6 added $2.2m from 1,085 in 42 to reach $475.6m and $712.7m worldwide. The action extravaganza opens this Friday in China [26].

R.I.P.D. opened seventh in North America and generated $6.8m from its first 10 markets including parts of Europe and Vietnam.

  • DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo opened through Fox International day-and-date with the number three North American debut, arriving on 6,203 screens in 28 markets on $22.6m. The animation produced $10.6m in Latin America and $8.4m from 2,058 in Russia including previews.

The Heat added $4.8m from 1,840 in 29 to reach $24.1m, while The Internship added $1.2m from 1,307 in 24 to stand at $28.4m. Epic has reached $139m.

  • Monsters University generated a further $20.7m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to reach $283.9m. The Lone Ranger added $12.3m for $66.4m.
  • Paramount Pictures International executives said World War Z now stands at $269.5m following a $12m weekend from 6,320 locales in 61 territories. Star Trek Into Darkness stands at $223.5m.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s After Earth added $8.3m for $175.9m powered by a possible number one second weekend hold in China that took $7.3m for $29.5m. Spain has amassed $8m after four weekends. Grown Ups 2 grossed $5.7m from 15 markets for $8.7m and White House Down added $3.5m for $23.9m.
  • Summit’s Red 2 opened day-and-date with the number five North American debut to generate $7.6m through Lionsgate International licensees in 11 markets. Now You See Me grossed $7.9m and stands at $86m.