A film shot in the wettest part of the UK!

We get a lot of press releases and screening invites at Screen HQ (not complaining!), but this one caught our eye simply because the filmmakers claim to have shot their film in “officially the wettest area of the UK.” Surely Vanity Fair doesn’t get pitches as sexy as that.

If you’re wondering, that area is Snowdonia, North Wales, where the team behind Hawk spent a “torturous” two weeks shooting this short.

The 38-minute film is executive produced by Molinare’s Mark Foligno, Steve Milne & Deepak Sikka, who also backed a little film you may have heard of called The King’s Speech.

Welsh veteran actor Philip Madoc stars, and the story is about a young boy’s “descent into darkness and the mysterious folklore of pagan gods.” Sounds like the rain only added to the mood.

M J McMahon and produced by Matthew Jones & Sean McArdell for production company Capture. The film is having a private screening Friday in London. You can watch some footage on their Facebook page.