Palisades PicturesEntertainment Group has pledged a $1m print and advertising commitment to PaulyShore's directorial debut, Pauly Shore Is Dead: You'll NeverWiez In This Town Again. Thepicture, which opened the Slamdunk Film Festival in Park City last week, is asemi-autobiographical account of the ups and downs of comedian Shore'scareer and features a huge call sheet of cameos that includes Tom Sizemore,Vince Vaughn and Chris Rock.

Announcing the deal,Palisades Pictures co-founder Vincent Roberti said in a statement: 'Thiswas the real sleeper film at Park City this year. Pauly Shore has demonstratedthat he is not only a great comedian and actor, but that he possesses thecome-from-behind qualities to be a great comedic director. We are delighted tobe able to empower his film to be able to reach the wider audiences itdeserves.'

Palisades Pictures was setup by Roberti, Mark Severini and Richard Lorber as a 'one stopshop' for P&A services. Last week it announced the creation of a $5mrevolving P&A fund, which offers distributors financing as well asvalue-added resources such as discounted media placement, target marketing andgraphic design. The company was responsible for the P&A campaign for CowboyPictures' acclaimed Morvern Callar, which was directed by Lynne Ramsay and stars Samantha Morton.