Fox International's The Pink Panther ruled the international marketplace overthe weekend with an estimated $12.3m weekend haul from 3,900 screens thatraised the film's cumulative total to $47.3m.

The comedy remake stormed to the top of the UK charts with a solid$3.5m debut on 400 screens. It opened in second place in New Zealand on$122,000 from 40.

In second weekend holds The Pink Panther added $1.4m from 543 for $3.9m inGermany, although it was held off the top for a second time. Having lost out to local holdover The Wild Bunch 3 in its first weekend this weekend saw Tobis Film's release of Brokeback Mountain expand from 149 screens to 243 and leapfrog Panther, which it opened against last week taking third place, to gain pole position.Other Panther second week holdovers include $874,000 from 504 for $2.7m in France, and $670,000 from 243 for $2.1mand third place in Australia.

Date Movieadded $4m from 1,395 screens for $17.3m, powered by a $1.4m number two launchin Spain on 275.

The comedy opened number one in Holland on $235,000 from 50,number two in Hong Kong on $127,000 from 25, and number four in Taiwan on$132,000 from 40. The UK has generated $8.2m after four weekends and added$985,000 from 339.

The Hills Have Eyes has grossed just over $4.4m to date, and opened number two inDenmark on $57,000 from 15. The horror remake added $1.3m from 332 in the UKfor $4.4m after two weekends and ranks number three.

Mexican pick-up Un Mundo Maravilloso scored the biggest opening for a localfilm this year in its home country on $657,000 from 300. Walk The Line added $3m for $55m to date.

Warner Bros Pictures International began to roll out its graphicnovel adaptation and number one North American title V For Vendetta at the weekend, taking an estimated $8.5mand approximately 1.2m admissions from more than 2,000 prints in 16 markets.

The picture opened in second place in the UK on $2.1m from 405sites, and launched number one in South Korea on $1.3m and 181,000 admissionsfrom 128 nationwide prints.

Italy generated $1.1m and 150,000 admissions from 299, Germanyproduced the same amount and 127,000 admissions from 363, while Mexicogenerated $788,000 and 194,000 admissions from 354.

V For Vendetta also opened number one in a trio of Asian markets, scoring$315,000 from 70 in Taiwan, $220,000 from 22 in Singapore, and $210,000 from 45in the Philippines. Sweden also produced a number one debut on $229,000 from40.

Syriana added$3.6m in approximately 53 markets for $34m. Firewall added $1.2m in 21 for $11.7m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Chronicles Of Narnia overtook Spider-Man 2's $410.2m final total through SonyPictures Releasing International (SPRI) and added $5.2m for $414.1m to becomethe 18th biggest international release of all time.

Globally the picture stands at $703.4m and is the first Disneylive-action release to cross $700m and the company's third overall.

The picture remained number one for the third consecutive weekendin Japan as it slipped 29% on $4m for $28m. After 10 days in China it remainsthe champion there, adding $1.2m for $5.3m.

Narnia hasalso become the biggest BVI release ever in the UK as it overtook Toy Story2's longstanding £44.2mmark to reach £44.3m or $78m after 12 weekends.

Comedy The Shaggy Dog opened top in Mexico on $1.1m from 350 screens and added $336,000for $803,000 from the state of Victoria in Australia. It will expand nationwidebefore long.

Adventure Eight Below opened number one in Hong Kong on $644,000 - a strong openingconsidering Hong Kong is typically an action-oriented market. To date thepicture has grossed $1.4m from its short international run.

Paramount's romantic comedy Failure To Launch grossed $3.9m through UIP from 1,070venues in nine territories for a $4.9m international cumulative tally.

The picture opened in second place in Germany on $1.4m from 340sites, third place in Mexico on $487,000 from 237, and grossed $487,000 from127 in France.

Austria produced a number one $352,000 launch from 88, Switzerlandproduced $280,000 from 42, Norway generated $105,000 from 15, and Denmarkproduced $48,000 from 15.

SPRI's thriller When A Stranger Calls launched its international run as itopened in Australia on $835,000 from 187 screens.

Underworld: Evolution added $2m from 931 screens in 12 markets for $17.1m. Brazilproduced a $545,000 number one debut on 153 screens, while New Zealand alsogenerated a number one launch on $195,000 on 48. Germany stands at $3.9m after threeweekends. Overall the action sequel added $4m for $39.1m through alldistributors.

Hostel added$1.3m from 723 screens in 19 markets for $10.4m, powered by a $290,000 numbereight Mexican launch on 150 screens. The horror tale opened in the Philippineson $60,000 from 30 in third place.

Capoteadded $1.7m from 620 screens in 36 markets for $11.4m. The UK climbed to $1.9mafter four weekends, and Australia stands at $1.3m after the same amount oftime.

Germany added $140,000 from 57 for $874,000, while the screencount in Argentina climbed from 18 to 34 in its third weekend and the picturegrossed $75,000 for $323,000.

Family comedy Yours, Mine And Ours added $900,000 from 234 screens in 13markets for $1.7m. It opened on $160,000 from 52 in Australia and $145,000 from23 for third place in Singapore. Brazil stands at $900,000 after two.

Universal's redoubtable children's film Nanny McPhee added $1m from 1,000 sites in 30territories through UIP over the weekend, raising the international runningtotal to $59.8m including a non-UIP run of $4.8m from France.

There are 19 territories still to open including Mexico and Spainon Apr 7.

Pride & Prejudice grossed $440,000 from 500 venues in 30 territories for $74.3mincluding $3.2m from France. There are four territories to open including SouthKorea on Mar 24.

Brokeback Mountain, which the distributor is releasing in Spain, ranks number 14 inits ninth week and added $130,000 from 150 for an $8.2m international runningtotal.

Jarhead is still active in 23 territories and hasamassed $33.8m to date. King Kong continues to play in 12 and stands at $327.3m.