The Pink Panther was the number one international picture of the weekend thanks toa raft of major market launches through Fox International that generated anestimated $9.2m.

The comedy remake now stands at $30m. It opened top in Germany andAustria on $2.1m from 540 screens and $510,000 from 60 respectively.

France generated $1.4m from 504, Australia produced $965,000 from243 and Switzerland produced $401,000. The Pink Panther added $1.3m from 350 in Spain and standsat $6.9m after three weekends.

Fox also had success with The Hills Have Eyes, which opened number one in the UK on$2.1m from 331 screens. The remake of Wes Craven's 1977 cult horror hitlaunched in third place in North America this weekend.

Walk the Line raised its international running total by $5m to $48.5m, poweredby a $703,000 South Korean launch on 120 screens.

Date Movieadded $1.6m from 354 UK screens for a $7m running total after three weekends;its international total is now $12.5m. The comedy opened in Singapore on$247,000 from 23, and launched in Sweden on $148,000 from 30.

Tristan And Isolde took $812,000 from 260 in Spain and has grossed $866,000 frominternational markets to date.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Chronicles Of Narnia became the 21st biggest global release ofall time as a superb launch in China and a mighty second weekend in Japanfuelled an $8m weekend gross.

The children's fantasy tale became BVI's third release to cross$400m behind Finding Nemo ($527m) and The Lion King ($455m) and now stands at $401.2m. The worldwide cumulativetotal has passed $690m.

Narnia hastaken more than $200m in 2006 alone the only release to do so this year. Itopened in China on $2.3m from 165 screens and stayed top in Japan on $5.1m for$18.6m so far in the territory.

BVI's local German acquisition Wild Bunch 3 remained number one in its native landfor the second consecutive weekend as it grossed $2m from 454 sites for $6.4m.

Syriana added$6m from more than 2,200 prints in 49 markets through Warner Bros PicturesInternational to raise the international running total to $28.5m.

The thriller added $1.3m from 236 sites in the UK for an expectedthird place finish on $3.7m after two weekends.

Spain produced $781,000 from 206 prints for $2.4m and Japangenerated $320,000 from 178 screens for $1.4m, both after two weekends. Afterthree weekends Syrianahas amassed $3.8m in France, $3.5m in Italy, and $3.4m in Germany.

Firewall added$2.1m from more than 1,300 prints and stands at $9.5m. The picture was forecastto rank number one in Brazil following a $501,000 debut on 135 prints. Aftertwo weekends the thriller has amassed just under $2m in Mexico where itremained number one, and $1.8m in Australia.

Universal's Nanny McPhee passed $100m at the worldwide box office last week and stillhas 23 territories to open.

Active in 1,200 sites in 27 territories, the children's tale added$1.4m for a $58m international running total that includes $4.5m fromStudioCanal in France. The worldwide total stands at $103.2m.

Pride & Prejudice added $850,000 from 700 venues in 34 territories for $73.9m. Jarhead has grossed $33.7m internationally and$96.4m worldwide. King Kong, now in its 13th week of release, is still active in 18territories and the international total stands at $327.2m. Global ticket saleshave reached $545m.

Brokeback Mountain, which UIP is handling in Spain, has grossed $8m in the territoryafter eight weekends.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI)'s Capote grossed $2.5m on 650 prints in 34territories for an $8.8m cumulative total.

Franceopened to a strong $650,000 on 78 runs focused in Paris and key cities. SPRIalmost doubled the number of runs in Australia from 24 to 50 and grossed$265,000. The picture added $330,000 from 66 prints in theUK, while Spain produced $280,000 from 105, and Germany generated $235,000 from57.

Underworld: Evolution grossed $4m for $32.5m, powered by number one launches in threeAsian markets. Taiwan produced $600,000 from 75, Malaysia produced $310,000from 45, and Hong Kong generated $290,000 from 25.

Courtroom drama-horror hybrid The Exorcism Of Emily Rose opened well in Japan on $1.1m from 250screens and has now amassed $63.4m internationally.

Family comedy YoursMine And Ours opened inits first international territory of Brazil, where it ranked number two on$425,000 from 102 runs.